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25 Years of Field Ecology







In 2018, the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology will be celebrating 25 years of "Florida field courses!" Spanning 50 years from 1968 to 2018, the field courses taught at Archbold Field Station in Florida have offered an array of immersive field experiences for students embarking upon their graduate careers. Help us celebrate! Join us on Facebook (link coming soon), and learn more about our fund-raising efforts to support future graduate student expeditions to the heartland of Florida, one of the most distinctive natural habitats in the United States.

About Archbold

Archbold Biological Station, established in 1941, is the primary division of Archbold Expeditions, a not-for-profit independent research institution in central Florida. The Station is dedicated to long-term ecological research, part of the global effort to understand, interpret and preserve the world’s natural heritage.

Forging Connections

In 1968, Dick Root, Assistant Professor in the Department of Entomology, first visited Archbold with a handful of Cornell graduate students. The Station’s annual report notes that “The purpose of Dr. Root’s visit was to determine the feasibility of carrying out intensive investigations during the winter on the arthropod faunae associated with Asclepias spp. and various crucifers. Recently arrived Director of Research, Jim Layne (also from Cornell) was greatly impressed with Root, and encouraged him to think about the Station's potential for research and Cornell field courses. Root went on to become one of the great ecological cornerstones of Archbold. 

Over the next 34 years Root and Dr. Peter Marks brought 16 graduate field ecology classes to Archbold, each a shining example of excellence in teaching. The full impact of these classes on the Station, and on student lives, is immeasurable.

Program and Faculty

BIOEE 6602: Graduate Field Course in Ecology

Designed to give graduate students experience in defining questions and designing field investigations. The course is based at the Archbold Biological Station in central Florida over spring break and during the following week. The class visits several ecosystems including sand pine scrub, cattle ranches, cypress swamps, and the Everglades.