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BIOEE 1780 : An Introduction to Evolutionary Biology and Diversity
Semester offered: Spring 2018 Instructor:
Considers explanations for pattern of diversity and the apparent good fit of organisms to the environment. Topics include the diversity of life, the genetics and developmental basis of evolutionary change, processes at the population level, evolution by natural selection, modes of speciation, long-term trends in evolution, origin of humans.
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BIOEE 1610 : Introductory Biology: Ecology and the Environment
Semester offered: Spring 2018 Instructor:
This course provides an introduction to ecology, covering interactions between organisms and the environment at scales of populations, communities, and ecosystems. Ecological principles are used to explore the theory and applications of major issues facing humanity in the 21st century, including population dynamics, disease ecology, biodiversity and invasive species, global change, and other topics of environmental sustainability.
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