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Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

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Brian Chabot


Hylodes phyllodes, a stream-breeding frog from Atlantic Coastal Forest of Brazil


Biology of Fishes class collecting at Oneida Lake


An Acacia tree backlit by the African sunset


Pisaster ochraceus in the intertidal


Common milkweed, Asclepias syriaca, growing in Ithaca

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Chabot, Brian

Professor Emeritus

phone: 607-279-1291
room: 102 Little Rice


Cornell Maple


B.S. 1965, College of William and Mary

Ph.D. 1971, Duke University

Graduate Fields:

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Natural Resources

Other Cornell Affiliations:

Advisor in Biology, Biology & Society, and Science of Natural and Environmental Systems majors

Cornell Maple Program

Atkinson Center for Sustainable Future

Center for Teaching Excellence


Forest ecology, sugar maple, climate change

Research Focus

I have been focusing on the ecology of sugar maple as a dominant forest tree species, the technologies used to produce sugar sustainably, and the future of the maple sugar industry. Most of the research has immediate application for those whose livelihoods depend on the utilization of this native forest species.

Recent Courses Taught

  • BioEE 1640 Environmental Issues
  • BioEE 2610 Ecology and the Environment
  • ALS 4000 Community Service Learning

Selected Publications

Skinner, C. B., A. T. DeGaetano, and B. F. Chabot. 2010. Implications of 21st Century Climate Change on Northeastern United States Maple Syrup Production: Impacts and Adaptations.  Climatic Change 100(3):685-702.

Chabot, B. F. 2010. Sugarmakers can adapt to climate change.  Maple News 9(6):5.

Chabot, B. F. and A. T. DeGaetano. 2010. Is the Earth's climate changing?  Maple News 9(5):4.

Eggleston, K. and B. F. Chabot. 2010. Understanding weather forecasts.  Maple News 9(3):7-14.

Chabot, B. F., T. Perkins, and P. Ramacieri. 2008. Can maple sugar producers succeed without research?  Maple Syrup Digest 20A(3):20-21.

Chabot, B. F. and S. L. Childs. 2007. Comparison of visual grading methods.  Maple Syrup Digest 19A(1):20-27.

Chabot, B. F. and S. Childs. 2006. Relating spectrophotometer readings to visual grading of maple syrup.  Maple Syrup Digest 18A(2):34-37.

Worobo, R. W. and B. F. Chabot. 2006. Controlling microbial populations in sap systems.  Maple Syrup Digest 18A(1):24-27.

Chabot, B. F. 2005. New tapping guidelines.  Maple Syrup Digest 17A(3):13-18.