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Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Cornell University Cornell University Cornell University Ecology and Evolutionary Biology



Hylodes phyllodes, a stream-breeding frog from Atlantic Coastal Forest of Brazil


Biology of Fishes class collecting at Oneida Lake


An Acacia tree backlit by the African sunset


Pisaster ochraceus in the intertidal


Common milkweed, Asclepias syriaca, growing in Ithaca

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Undergraduate Program

Students interested in ecology and evolutionary biology can access EEB courses through three majors: Biology, Science of Natural and Environmental Systems (SNES), and Biology & Society. At Cornell, there is a single undergraduate major in Biological Sciences, in which Ecology and Evolutionary Biology is one of 13 possible concentrations within the major. The biology major is designed for students whose primary interest is biology.

The SNES major is designed for students whose major interest is with environmental issues, including biological and social dimensions. The Environmental Biology concentration utilizes many of the EEB courses and allows students to develop their expertise in ecology.

Biology & Society is a biology-based major that also includes social science aspects of biology. Students have a lot of flexibility in choosing courses and can create ecology or evolutionary biology concentrations similar to EEB or SNES.

Our undergraduate curriculum meets the needs of a diverse clientele with interests in environmental biology, evolutionary biology, or particular kinds of organisms. We invite you to explore the topics listed at the left and encourage you to contact us if you have further questions about our program, courses, field experiences and research opportunities.