Antiracism Commitment

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As a department, we recognize both the necessity and the challenges in overcoming the systemic racism, based on racist policy, which is so pervasive in our society, our institutions, and our academic fields, and which has a major and clearly negative impact on Black and Indigenous People, and People Of Color (BIPOC). We are committed to building an antiracist agenda in our department with the core aim to root out embedded racism in all our activities, including our recruitment processes, our curricula, our social environment, and the way that our department interacts with the wider community. We understand that change needs to be real rather than aspirational, and there needs to be transparency and accountability in effecting that change. Importantly, actions must involve listening to BIPOC members of our community, and BIPOC individuals from other communities influenced by our actions, and taking decisive community-wide steps towards change. As a department, we appreciate that we have substantial work to do, but the rewards that come from positive change are very high. We are committed to investing the time and effort needed to implement these positive changes.