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A message from our Chair, Jeremy Searle

Thank you for your interest in supporting the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology! I invite you to explore our website for details and stories about EEB's exciting and innovative academic and research programs. The generosity of EEB friends and alumni like you provides our students with the funds essential for global and local field study and research. From Florida to Patagonia, from Africa to Maine, and back again to the watersheds and forests of Central New York, field experiences take undergraduates far beyond traditional classroom and laboratory learning; in often life-changing encounters with nature, field study provides a pathway to field research and personal discovery. With ideas spawned in coursework, immersion in the field helps equip our students with the ability to synthesize research questions and coax the answers out of an indifferent, natural world. Departmental funding coupled with donations jumpstart our graduate student research projects allowing exploration of a variety of organisms in an array of habitats around the world.

The fund list provided (below and upper right) is a cross-section of giving options available for our supporters; follow these links to jump directly to Cornell's secure, online giving system--thank you!

Support Graduate Student Research: Funds used to support or sponsor graduate student research projects; graduate student research support can be made with designations “In Honor Of” the following: Harrison, Provine, Rabinowitz, Root, and Whitaker Funds, along with other named giving opportunities in honor of our faculty.

Support Undergraduate and Graduate Field Research Experiences: Funds used in support of graduate student fellowships or graduate student led mentoring of undergraduate students in field research learning experiences.

Root-Marks Fund for Field Teaching: In 2018, EEB will be celebrating its commitment to field teaching; funds used in support of the “Florida field course" and other EEB graduate student programs. Learn more...

General, Unrestricted Ways to Support EEB: Funds used in support of furthering academic and research initiatives critical to the department’s mission.

Please feel free to contact me via email or our admin team located in Corson Hall; we'll be happy to discuss giving options, and the diversity of programs they support.