Faculty Considering Grad Students

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The following faculty are considering graduate students for 2022.

We encourage applicants to contact, by email, individual faculty whose labs they are interested in, to initiate a conversation about shared interests. For suggestions on how to reach out to faculty, please see our tips for contacting potential advisors.

  • Agrawal, Anurag, (Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology). Plant-animal interactions; evolutionary and community ecology of plant-insect interactions.
  • Babonis, Leslie, (Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology). Evolutionary development (Evo-Devo), origin of novelty, invertebrate biodiversity, cnidarians, ctenophores, gene regulation, cell identity, tissue morphogenesis, regeneration, evolution of multicellularity.
  • Clark, Andrew G., (Departments of Molecular Biology and Genetics & Ecology and Evolutionary Biology). Genomic basis of adaptive evolution; theoretical and statistical population genetics; genetics of complex traits.
  • Greischar, Megan A., (Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology). Life history evolution, malaria, disease, transmission, epidemiology, population dynamics.
  • Holgerson, Meredith, (Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology). Freshwater ecology, ponds and lakes, food webs, community ecology, ecosystem ecology, greenhouse gases, conservation, amphibians.
  • Houlton, Benjamin, (Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology). Climate Change; Agricultural and Environmental Sustainability; Biogeochemical Cycles; Global Ecology; Carbon Capture and Removal; Planetary Resilience.
  • Kessler, Andre, (Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology). Molecular and chemical ecology, plant-insect interactions, multitrophic interactions, induced plant responses to herbivory.
  • McIntyre, Peter B., (Department of Natural Resources and the Environment & Ecology and Evolutionary Biology).  Freshwater conservation, freshwater landscape ecology, limnology, climate change, fish and fisheries, food webs, aquatic biogeochemistry, biodiversity.
  • Moeller, Andrew H., (Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology). Evolutionary biology, genomics, microbiology, ecology.
  • Reed, Robert D., (Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology). Evolutionary developmental biology; functional genomics; gene regulation; adaptation; color pattern evolution.
  • Shaw, Kerry L., (Department of Neurobiology and Behavior). Evolutionary biology, sexual selection, speciation, evolutionary genetics and genomics.
  • Therkildsen, Nina O., (Department of Natural Resources and the Environment). Population and evolutionary genomics, rapid adaptation, fisheries, conservation.
  • Xu, Xiangtao, (Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology). Ecological modeling/forecasting, ecological remote sensing, plant functional ecology, global change biology, terrestrial ecosystem ecology.