Meet Our Faculty: Andrew Moeller

October 24, 2018

Andrew Moeller, assistant professor, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Academic focus: Evolutionary biology

Previous positions: Miller Research Fellow, UC Berkeley, 2015-18

Academic background:  B.S., biology, University of South Carolina, 2010; Ph.D., ecology and evolutionary biology, Yale, 2015

Last book read: The Possessed

What do you do when not working? I like to play music and spend time with family and friends.

What gets you out of bed in the morning: The possibility of discovering new things about nature!

Current research project? I am studying the relationships between microbes and their multicellular hosts. Currently, projects are focused on understanding the genes and evolutionary adaptations that enable symbiosis between mammals and gut bacteria.

Current outreach/extension projects? I am hoping to pursue a range of outreach projects through the Museum of Vertebrates.

What are three adjectives people might use to describe you? Earnest, focused, absent-minded

Course you’re most looking forward to teaching? Evolutionary biology

If you had unlimited grant funding, what major problem in your field would you want to solve? I would begin a comprehensive search for life in the solar system.

What most excites you about Cornell CALS? I'm most excited about meeting new people and the opportunity to pursue interesting research.


This originally appeared in the Cornell CALS News. 

Andrew Moeller