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EEB graduate students in the field

Current Grad Students and Postdocs

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Graduate Students

  Name Advisor Email
Photo of Stepfanie Aguillon Stepfanie M. Aguillon Lovette
Photo of Maria Akopyan Marjan (Maria) Akopyan Therkildsen/Zamudio
Photo of Kara Andres Kara J. Andres Lodge
Photo of Lina M. Arcila Hernandez Lina M. Arcila Hernandez Agrawal
Photo of Ethan D. Bass Ethan D. Bass Kessler
Photo of Jacob S. Berv Jacob S. Berv Lovette
Photo of Noah Brady Noah Brady Reed
Photo of David Chang Van Oordt David Chang Van Oordt Winkler
Photo of Martik Chatterjee Martik Chatterjee Reed
Photo of Alexander Chauta Alexander Chauta Kessler
Photo of Heath Cook Heath Cook Bemis
Photo of Phoebe Dawkins Phoebe Dawkins Harvell
Photo of Amelia-Juliette C. Demery Amelia-Juliette C. Demery Lovette
Photo of Collin Edwards Collin B. Edwards Ellner
Photo of Katherine E. Eisen Katherine E. Eisen Geber
Photo of Morgan Eisenlord Morgan E. Eisenlord Harvell
Photo of Jacob D. Elias Jacob D. Elias Agrawal
Photo of Nicholas K. Fletcher Nicholas K. Fletcher Searle
Photo of Claire Fox Claire Fox Bemis
Photo of Ethan France Ethan D. France Bemis
Photo of David Frey David W. Frey Goodale​
Photo of Emily Funk Emily C. Funk McCune
Photo of Jordan Garcia Jordan Garcia Zamudio
Photo of Ellie Goud Ellie M. Goud Sparks
Photo of Olivia Graham Olivia J. Graham Harvell
Photo of Katherine Haviland Katherine A. Haviland Howarth
Photo of Natalie R. Hofmeister Natalie R. Hofmeister Lovette
Photo of Katherine D. Holmes Katherine D. Holmes Agrawal
Photo of Jennifer L. Houtz Jennifer L. Houtz Vitousek
Photo of Mia Howard Mia Howard Kessler
Photo of Jonathan J. Hughes Jonathan J. Hughes Searle
Photo of Marshall J. Iliff Marshall J. Iliff Winkler
Photo of Aubrie R. M. James Aubrie R. M. James Geber
Photo of Kelsey H. Jensen Kelsey H. Jensen Sparks
Photo of Benjamin B. Johnson Benjamin B. Johnson Searle/Sparks
Photo of Sudan A. Kariuki Sudan A. Kariuki Sparks
Photo of Henry Kunerth Henry D. Kunerth Searle
Photo of Timothy D. Lambert Timothy D. Lambert Ellner/Flecker
Photo of Erin I. Larson Erin I. Larson Flecker
Photo of Charlotte R. Levy Charlotte R. Levy Goodale/Fahey
Photo of Elizabeth M. Lombardi Elizabeth M. Lombardi Power
Photo of Keeley L. MacNeill Keeley L. MacNeill Flecker
Photo of Anyimilehidi Mazo-Vargas Anyimilehidi Mazo-Vargas Reed
Photo of Caitlin A. McDonald Caitlin A. McDonald Zamudio
Photo of Colleen Miller Colleen Miller Vitousek
Photo of Cinnamon Mittan Cinnamon S. Mittan Zamudio
Photo of Tram Nguyen Tram Nguyen Fitzpatrick/Clark
Photo of Jasmine Peters

Jasmine Peters

Photo of Maria Teresa Reinoso-Perez Maria Teresa Reinoso-Perez Dhondt
Photo of Thomas A. J. Ryan Thomas A. J. Ryan Vitousek

Photo of Timothy R. Salazar

Timothy R. Salazar



Photo of Lindsay Schaffner Lindsay R. Schaffner Hairston
Photo of Gregor-Fausto Siegmund Gregor-Fausto Siegmund Geber
Photo of Katherine M. Sirianni Katherine M. Sirianni Hairston
Photo of Trevor Sless Trevor J. L. Sless Searle/Danforth
Photo of Bhavya Sridhar ​Bhavya Sridhar Goodale
Photo of Young Ha Suh Young Ha Suh Fitzpatrick
Photo of Christopher A. Tarango Christopher A. Tarango Fitzpatrick
Photo of Allison Tracy Allison M. Tracy Harvell
Photo of Jacob Tyrell Jacob A. Tyrell Searle
Photo of Jennifer J. Uehling Jennifer J. Uehling Winkler/Vitousek
Photo of Karin R. L. Van der Burg Karin R. L. Van der Burg Reed
Photo of Amelia Weiss Amelia Weiss Flecker
Photo of Rachel L. Wilkins Rachel L. Wilkins Hairston
Photo of Michelle Wong Michelle Y. Wong Howarth
Photo of Liam Zarri Liam Zarri Flecker


Postdoctoral Associates and Fellows

  Name Lab Email
Photo of Rafael Almedia Rafael Almedia Flecker​
Photo of Shawn Billerman  Shawn Billerman Lovette
Photo of Leonardo Campagna Leonardo Campagna Lovette
Photo of Susan Cheng  Susan Cheng Goodale
Photo of Tyler Coverdale Tyler Coverdale Agrawal
Photo of Paul Czechowski Paul Czechowski Lodge
Photo of Adriaan Dokter  Adriaan Dokter Kelling/Lovette
Photo of Daniel Hooper Daniel Hooper Lovette
Photo of Allison Injaian Allison Injaian Vitousek
Photo of Aino Kalske Aino Kalske Kessler
Photo of Joleah B. Lamb Joleah B. Lamb Harvell
Photo of James Lewis James Lewis                 Reed
Photo of Rusty Ligon Rusty Ligon Webster/Lovette
Photo of Clara Meaders Clara Meaders Smith
Photo of Eliot Miller Eliot Miller Hochachka/Lovette
Photo of Jon Sanders Jon Sanders Moeller/Lazzaro​
Photo of Fiona Soper Fiona Soper Sparks
Photo of Shannan Sweet Shannan Sweet Hairston
Photo of Conor Taff Conor Taff Vitousek


Photo of David Toews David Toews Lovette
Photo of Jennifer Walsh-Emond Jennifer Walsh-Emond Lovette
Photo of Yunke Wu Yunke Wu McCune
Photo of Cedric Zimmer Cedric Zimmer Vitousek