Cornell Inventions—the Matter of Startups

By: Jackie Swift,  Cornell Research

Cornell labs regularly produce new innovations in the life sciences. Some of the recently promising include a better way to sterilize medical instruments, new components that can significantly increase the capacity and power of batteries, and a computational nitrogen management tool that helps farmers decide exactly how and when to apply fertilizer to their crops. Developing and marketing breakthroughs like these to the real world is a tough business, but the Kevin M. McGovern Family Center for Venture Development in the Life Sciences can help.

The McGovern Center is an incubator, designed to develop and assist startup life sciences companies, as well as companies seeking to commercialize technology that could potentially revolutionize the life sciences in the future. While the majority of companies in the center are based on Cornell technology, the incubator is open to any qualified company that is willing to work within the center’s program, even if its proprietary technology was not invented at the university.

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