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Mollusk collection moves to PRI, internet
Canopy Singer
Ligeon and Lab of Ornithology research how females drive the song and dance of male birds-of-paradise
Malacology Collection
EEB donating malacological collection to PRI
Kelly Zamudio
Zamudio one of eight faculty honored with Weiss teaching awards
Michelle K. Smith
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Andrew Moeller
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Peter McIntyre
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BIOEE 4940 : Special Topics in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Semester offered: Spring 2019 Instructor:
Megan Bishop
Jillian Ditner
Irby Lovette
The department offers "trial" courses or seminars under this number. Offerings vary by semester and are advertised by the department before the semester starts. Courses offered under this number will be approved by the Biological Sciences Curriculum Committee, and the same course is not to be offered more than twice under this number.
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