Cornell ExpPonds clipboard1 by Christine Bogdanowicz.
Working to understand ecological systems and patterns that drive evolutionary change

Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

In our department we value science and education grounded in the natural history of organisms, and strive to understand the patterns and processes that structure communities and ecosystems, and drive evolutionary change over all geographical and time scales. As new methods provide insight into ecological and evolutionary mechanism and function, we seek to refine fundamental concepts, integrate findings into novel theory, and address environmental challenges. As a department we are committed to diversity, equity, inclusion, justice and belonging - values that underlie all we do.

Cornell ExpPonds student with sampling gear inside the research barn1 by Christine Bogdanowicz
EEB grad student Katherine Stenehjem with sampling gear at the Ponds facility; Kathy is investigating abiotic and biotic drivers of carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus cycles in small freshwater systems.

Research Spotlight

Cornell’s Experimental Ponds Facility is a research and teaching resource operated by our department. For over 50 years, a broad range of field and experimental projects have utilized the Ponds facility. Past and ongoing studies provide valuable insights and solutions into a variety of topics including: conservation of migratory birds; and a broadened understanding of nutrient and chemical pathways in aquatic environments. Research teams from EEB's Holgerson and Vitousek Labs are currently using the Ponds facility for their research programs.

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