Our Department in Action

EEB faculty and students pursue topics across a broad set of interlinked fields, including ecosystem biology and biogeochemistry, community ecology and population biology, organismal biology, chemical and molecular ecology, population genetics and genomics, speciation and macroevolution. Follow this link to view Our Department in Action gallery. Photos below: Geber Lab, “Clarkia species flowers in an experimental array for pollinator observations” by Aubrie James; Searle Lab research, wild house mouse (Mus musculus domesticus) by Michael Amphlett. 

house mouse held in EEB professor Jeremy Searle's handClarkia Specisoa flowers in field

Research Spotlight

Teaching at Cornell is in the midst of a transformation, with EEB faculty Michelle Smith and others across the University applying the latest research and technologies across disciplines to excite and engage students. The Center for Teaching Innovation (CTI), established in 2017, brings together experts on teaching and learning research and academic technologies, previously housed in different units, to provide the most comprehensive and forward-thinking resources and programming for faculty. This video was orginally posted by CornellCast (an interactive transcript is available once you click on the video).