Image of a snake, trillium flower and eggs

About Us

The Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology is a dynamic and friendly place, populated by students, faculty and expert staff who work together to understand the patterns and processes that structure ecological systems, and drive evolutionary change over all time scales. 


Central to our values, our department is committed to antiracism, and to be a safe workplace without harassment or discrimination of any sort, and to be as inclusive as possible. See the webpages in this section.

Student showing a snail on a leaf

Our Academic Identity

We work to understand the biology of species and their interactions with the environment in the broadest sense. We value science and education grounded in the natural history of organisms, communities and ecosystems as a means to decipher patterns across geography and the tree of life. As new methods allow us to gain insight into biological mechanism and function, we seek to refine fundamental concepts, to integrate findings into novel theory, and to contribute to solutions for environmental challenges.

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