EEB grad student SCUBA diving during a research project in the tropics

Grad Student Awards

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Robert H. Whittaker Award

The Robert H. Whittaker Award is given for the best oral presentation by a Cornell graduate student at the Graduate Student Association Symposium.


Henry Kunerth

Erin I. Larson

2016 Cornelia Twining
2015 Fiona Soper
2014 Lauren D. Snyder
Allison M. Tracy
2013 Nicholas A. Mason
2012 Renee Petipas
2011 Joseph L. Simonis
2010 Erica L. Larson
Susan C. Cook
Cayelan C. Carey
2009 Amanda N. Cass
2008 Andrea K. Townsend
2007 Julie C. Pett-Ridge
Dena M. Vallano
2006 Charles J. Donlan, III
2005 Peter B. McIntyre
Daniel K. Riskin
2004 Mark Vellend
2003 Richard P. Phillips
2002 David A. Moeller
2001 Peter M. Buston
2000 David M. Post
1999 Maydianne Andrade
Cami L. Holtmeier
1998 Ruth A. Hufbauer
David A. Lytle
1997 Michelle M. McClure
1996 Corey R. Freeman-Gallant
William V. Sobczak
1995 Carla E. Caceres
Laura A. Katz
1994 Jordan M. West
1993 David G. Haskell
1992 Ulrich G. Mueller
Marion R. Preest
1991 Karen J. McGlathery
Gretchen A. Meyer
1990 Thomas M. Boyce
Christopher G. Murphy
1989 Carol K. Yoon
1988 Rebecca L. Schneider
Peter H. Wimberger
1987 Carol C. Loeffler
Nathan L. Stephenson
1986 Jeffrey K. Conner
1985 Naomi R. Cappuccino
1984 Catherine L. Craig
A. Johannus Damman
1983 Lee Anne Martinez
1982 Robert C. Lacy
Janet Wright



EEB Book Award

The Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Book Award is for the best paper given by an E&EB Department/Field beginning (first- or second-year) graduate student at the Graduate Student Symposium.


Maria Akopyan

Kara Andres

2016 Tram Nguyen
2015 Natlie R. Hofmeister
2014 Elissa M. Goud
2013 Michelle Y. Wong
2012 Justin Proctor
Nicholas Mason
2011 Renee Petipas
Benjamin G. Freeman
2010 Marjorie G. Weber
2008 Susan C. Cook
2006 David J. Cerasale
2005 Carmody K. McCalley
2004 James T. Mandel
2003 James R. Walters
2002 Jeanne Robertson
2001 Robert Harris
2000 Peter B. McIntyre
1999 Jennifer A. Fox
1998 Daniel R. Ardia



Cole Award

The Cole Award is given for an outstanding paper by a graduate student of a Department faculty member or joint appointee. The paper must have been published or accepted for publication and be the result of research conducted while a student at Cornell. 

2017 Cornelia W. Twining
2015 C. Guilherme Becker
2014 Benjamin G. Freeman
Joseph L. Simonis
2013 Marjorie G. Weber
2011 Anna E. Savage
2010 Robert Quinn Thomas
2009 Carmody K. McCalley
2008 Daniel L. Rabosky
Catherine E. Wagner
2007 Kathryn M. Flinn
Peter B. McIntyre
2006 Dana M. Hawley
2005 Shannon M. Murphy
2004 Rebecca J. Safran
2003 Mark Vellend
2002 Andrew G. Zink
2001 David M. Post
2000 Nathan R. Lovejoy
1998 Carla E. Caceres
1995 Andrew V. Z. Brower
1994 Gretchen A. Meyer
1992 Benjamin B. Normark
1991 Nathan L. Stephenson
Peter H. Wimberger
1990 Thomas M. Boyce
1989 Bart T. De Stasio, Jr.
1986 R. Paul Detwiler
1985 Donald H. Rhodes
1984 Matthew A. Parker
1983 Peter M. Kareiva
1979 Mark D. Rausher
Stephen R. Sabo



CALS Graduate Teaching Assistant Award

The Department annually nominates one of its graduate students to receive an Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award from the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences in recognition of superior teaching performance. Follow this link for details about our 2018 winners:

  • Katherine Sirianni: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
  • Katie Rondem: Office of Undergraduate Biology ~ Core Biology
2017 Hide Inamine
2016 Nicholas A. Mason
2015 Fiona M. Soper and Maya Lim
2014 Rayna C. Bell and Kelly K. Hallinger
2013 Sarah M. Collins
2012 Sarah L. States
2011 Benjamin H. Hamilton
2010 Catherine E. Wagner
2009 Valentina Ferretti
2008 Jesse L. Bellemare
2007 J. Jesus Sigala-Rodriguez
2006 Luana S. Maroja
2005 Brian C. Barringer
2004 Jennifer A. Fox
2003 Rebecca J. Safran
2002 David A. Moeller
2001 Elias J. Kontanis
2000 Timothy G. Carr
1999 Cami L. Holtmeier
1998 Anne W. Stork
1997 James A. Wise, Jr.
1996 Cynthia A. Wilczak
1995 David G. Haskell
1994 Karen Z. Reiss
1993 Merrill A. Peterson
1992 Rob Roy Ramey II
1991 Timothy E. Crews
1990 Karen J. McGlathery
1989 Curtis C. Bohlen
1988 Stephen A. Hauptman
1987 Risa H. Rosenberg
1986 David S. Gill
1985 Daniel R. Gray III
1984 Larry A. Greenberg
1983 David F. Mitchell
1982 Harold J. Weeks
1981 Charles D. Canham
1980 Janet Wright



University Excellence in Teaching Award

The Department also presents its own Excellence in Teaching Award to a graduate student who has excelled as a teacher. Occasionally, in outstanding cases, graduate students in the Department are recognized by the University for Excellence in Teaching.

2017 Katherine M. Marchetto
2016 Samuel M. Chamberlain
2015 Chistopher M. Dalton
2014 Kelly K. Hallinger
2013 Anna M. Forsman
2012 Amanda N. Cass
2011 Krista A. Capps
2010 Maria A. Davison
2009 James R. Walters
2008 Jill T. Anderson
2007 Krystal L. Rypien
2006 Jeanne M. Robertson
2005 Shannon M. Murphy
2004 Miranda V. Paton
2002 Angela R. Lieverse
2001 Bryon A. Daley
2000 Matthew F. Wasson
1999 M. Brian B. Traw
1998 Charles L. Ross
1996 Patricia Doak
1995 John P. McCarty
1994 Daniel F. Shapiro