James Morin

Professor Emeritus


I primarily study the mechanisms and functions of bioluminescence in marine organisms. Since discovering luminescent courtship signaling in Caribbean ostracods in 1980, most of my research focuses on the behavior, functional morphology, systematics and evolution of luminescence in cypridinid ostracods. The complex luminescent signaling behavior involved in their sexual communication is the most complex known in the sea. We use in situ field observations, recordings and experiments of these luminescent ostracods; behavioral techniques to study sexual selection; and basic systematic methods (including light and electron microscopy) and phylogenetic methodologies to determine evolutionary patterns. I am also studying the luminescent courtship system in syllid polychaetes annelids. I have studied integrative behavior of the coordinating systems in coelenterates especially hydroids, symbiotic relationships between fishes with bacterial light organs and their bacterial symbionts, and the structure of dynamics of subtidal sand communities.


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