Monica Ann Geber

Professor Emeritus


I am an evolutionary biologist and ecologist, interested in the causes of underlying patterns of species' abundance and distribution, the scale of local adaptation in plants, and plant mating systems and interactions with pollinators. My current work focuses on the limits of geographic range expansion in plants. I teach a variety of courses at Cornell including: BioEE 7670 Current Topics in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, and BioEE 7600 Special Topics in Ecology and Evolution: Dissertation Improvement Grant Writing.    

Research Focus

My research falls into three areas at the interface of ecology and evolutionary biology. First, my main focus is on the genetic and ecological limits to adaptive evolution, especially in relation to species' range limits. Second, I am interested in the direct and indirect links between species diversity and community change, on the one hand and genetic diversity and evolution within species, on the other. Finally, I have a long-standing interest in interactions between plants and their pollinators and the consequences of these interactions for plant mating system evolution.



Selected Publications

  • Eisen, K. E., A. C. Wruck, and M. A. Geber. 2020. Floral density and co-occurring congeners alter patterns of selection in annual plant communities. Evolution 74: 1682-1698.
  • James, A. R. M., T. E. Burnette, J. Mack, D. E. James, V. M. Eckhart, and M. A. Geber. 2020. Germination predicts spatial distribution and coexistence more than adult hydrological traits do in four closely related annual flowering plants. Journal of Ecology 108: 2584-2600.
  • Petipas, R. H., A. C. Wruck, and M. A. Geber. 2020. Microbe-mediated local adaptation to limestone barrens in context dependent. Ecology 101:e03092.
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  • Moeller, D. A., R. D. Briscoe Runquist, M. A. Geber, C. Goodwillie, A. M. Moe, P-O Cheptou, C. G. Eckert, E. Elle, M. O. Johnston, S. Kalisz, J. K. Kelly, E. Porcher, R. H. Ree, R. D. Sargent, M. Vallejo-Marin, and A. A. Winn. 2017. Global biogeography of mating system variation in seed plants. Ecology Letters 20:375-384.
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  • Moeller, D. A., Geber, M. A., and P. L. Tiffin. 2011. Population genetics and the evolution of geographic range limits in an annual plant. American Naturalist 178:S44-S61.

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