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Why EEB?

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A diversity of studies

Graduate students in EEB explore biological diversity from a range of perspectives: from genes to ecosystems, organisms to populations, in the lab and at sites across the globe. Graduate study prepares students for careers in both research and non-research contexts, with evidence-based transferable skills that include project management and problem solving, collaboration and teamwork, written and oral communication, and data analysis and interpretation.

What careers do our graduate students pursue?

Our graduates are interested in a range of academic and non-academic careers, most of which are science related. Many students pursue postdoctoral opportunities as their first position out of graduate school. Over time, students generally move into other positions, including faculty jobs across a wide range of institutions, from R1 universities to 4-year colleges. Other graduates have gone on to professions inside and outside of government, working in environmental conservation organizations and other non-profits, tech, consulting, science communication, medicine, research administration, and other areas.

Graduate student alumni spotlights

We take pride in the accomplishments of our students --  learn more about our graduates by meeting a few alumni from our Ph.D. program.